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The Classic Channel Combination

The TUBE-TECH Classic Channel

A Power combination of TUBE-TECH Units


PE1C Program Equalizer

ME1B Midrange Equalizer

CL1B Opto Compressor



Theese three Classic TUBE-TECH units

in combination gives you

a very powerfull tool for tailoring

sound both when recording

and mixing.




Tracks : Examples :
Male Vocal Soft
Rock Guitar
Twang Gtr
Jazz Guitar
Acoustic guitar
Upright Bass
Touch Guitar
Basic Track
Rock Drums
VO Female


Classic Channel Plug in

Yes! You can buy the Classic Channel as a plug-in


Get a good taste of what the classic channel is all about,

check out The Classic Channel Plug-in by Softube, Sweden.



Due to the the skills of the Softube guys this plug in gives you an extremely good feeling of

what the real thing does.


Softube also makes seperate plug-ins of the classic units:  TUBE-TECH  PE1C, ME1B and CL1B.


The Softube TUBE-TECH plugs gives a very fine reproduction the hardware unit

and in the plug-in world  they represent the best quality possible today.




But remember: Nothing beats the classics!

If you aim absolute top sound quality ,it has to be analogue and TUBE-THCH



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