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is owned by

Sound Engineer / Producer

Jesper bo Nielsen.



( originally MOX Studio)

has since the very start

of TUBE-TECH been

the workshop for all

TUBE-TECH prototypes

and listening tests and

evaluations ot

John G Petersens designs.


The studio is features the old

Workhouse console from

Workhouse Studios in London,

refurbished by John G in 1979.



John G in the JBoStudio

controlroom with the first

PE1A EQ from 1985

Tips'n tricks from JBoStudio

Videos from JBoStudio





Tubecompressor used for

Parallel Snaredrum Compression.


Full resolution Video





Bassdrum eq:



Program EQ as Bassdrum EQ

 "The Low End Trick"


Full resolution Video


Christmas Jazz recorded and mixed at JBoStudio with TUBE-TECH

Hans Ulrik Christmas Jazz CD recorded and mixed with TUBE-TECH


Talented Danish saxophone player Hans Ulrik has recorded a very nice 

Christmas CD at JBo/ TUBE-TECH Studio. 


The production is recorded exclusively with TUBE.TECH preamps

and mixed by Jesper Bo Nielsen using mostly TUBE-TECH gear.


Listen to The Christmas Song

44.1 Khz full resolution Wav file. Right click to download


Various high quality microphones has been used to feed the TUBE-TECH preamps.

Hans Ulrik's saxophone has been recorded with a Telefunken M 269 Vintage 

Tube Microphone + TUBE-TECH PM1A modular preamp.



Pictures from the session.


Hans Ulrik Biography     Hans Ulrik Discography   Hans Ulrik Wikipedia



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