MP2A Description

The MP 2A is a combined mic preamp/DI, based on a classic TUBE-TECH design, but featuring even higher fidelity and a few new features: An impedance switch to match the input perfectly to all types of microphones, an overload indicator and 2 dB gain steps.

MP2A is the second in the new range of upgraded microphone preamplifier/DI’s.( The modular PM1A was the first.)
These new preamps features even higher headroom and fidelity than the earlier TUBE-TECH micpre”s.

Serious listening tests of the MP 2A have revealed a sound quality second to none, placing it among a handful of the worlds very best designs.

The MP 2A DI continues the TUBE-TECH tradition of extremely good sounding DI’s, delivering world class sound for bass and guitar DI recordings. You simply won’t find a better DI than this!



  • The TUBE-TECH MP2A is a combined Microphone Preamplifier and Direct Instrument amplifier.
  • The input provides switchable +48 V phantom power, selectable mic. impedance of 600/1200/2400 Ohm, phase reverse switch, low-cut filter (20 Hz/40 Hz/off), as well as a switchable -20 dB pad.
  • Gain is adjustable from +10 dB to +70 dB.( 10db steps, coarse +2 dB steps, fine.)
  • The Direct Instrument Input are unbalanced with a gain ranging from + 10 dB to + 60 dB.
  • The amplifier is all tube. Input transformer is enclosed in a MU-metal can. Input and output transformers come with a static screen between the primary and secondary wirings.
  • The input and output are balanced as well as fully floating.
  • All-tube design featuring push-pull output amplifier



  • Frequency response @ -3 dB: 5 Hz to 60 kHz
  • Typical noise: 5 dB @ 200Ω
  • CMRR: > 60 dB @ 10 kHz
  • Gain: +10 dB to +70 dB in 2 dB steps – DI gain: 0-60 dB
  • Selectable mic input impedance: 600 Ω/1.2 kΩ/2.4 kΩ
  • Selectable pad in front of input transformer (-20 dB)
  • Selectable +48 V phantom power
  • Low cut filter (20 Hz/40 Hz/Off)
  • Phase reverse
  • Overload indicator
  • Gold plated switches
  • DI jack input for a variety of instruments
  • DI input impedance > 1 MΩ
  • MU-metal shielded input transformer
  • In- and outputs are transformer balanced and fully floating


MP2A Sounds

Here you can check the sound of the MP2A (and PM1A that sounds exactly the same):

TUBE-TECH Microphone preamp demo’s:
Samples from TUBE-TECH Mic Pre Recordings. PT10 44,1 Khz (Session for Download)

Project Studio recordings:
Mike Andersen Project. Read about the project, watch the videos and listen to the tracks. ( Link )
All MP2A and PM1A recordings

UK Indie pop recording:
IKO:Dazed and Confused. Recorded and mixed by Sean genockey.PT 48 Khz
(Session for Download)

Classical, Solo Violin: Xuan Du
Concert recorded by Jesper Bo. PT 10 44,1 Khz (Session for Download)

Mix of exotic instruments recorded by our Czeck distributor, Ivo Sedlacek.
Velvet Sound Ivo plays a varaity of special instruments and he has been so kind to let us in on some cool recordings he did using the MP2A: Various flutes and drums, monochord, sansula and viola. all very nice sounding!

Lamia Bedioui Vocal and mix samples:
“In Jail” Solo Vocal – Waw
“In Jail” Mix (Mix recorded line level with MP2A ) – Waw

“Ala Srir Noum” Solo Vocal – Waw
“Ala Srir Noum” Mix ( Mix recorded line level with MP2A ) – Waw


Sean Genockey testing the MP2A for guitar recording:

And there’re many more nice sounds from the TUBE-TECH preamps, in many different musical genres!
Just go to TUBE-TECH Demo Sessions



Tech Spec Sheet

Hi-res Images:
Perspective 1
Perspective 2