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NSQ Downloads


High res Video/Soundtrack Right click and save.


Short edited soundtrack PT session

Only recorded tracks. PT9


The full video soundtrack PT session,

Featuring the mix track and the video. PT9



The sessions downloads as a zip file containing

detailed info about the session.


All audio files are well organized for easy import into other DAW''s.
Enjoy the very full, musical and detailed sound of TUBE-TECH for classical music.

TUBE-TECH for Classical Music

Solo Violin, all TUBE-TECH recording

Xuan Du recorded exclusively with TUBE-TECH preamps.










Xuan Du, very talented concert violin player, now in London, playing with The London Phil.

performed a solo concert, backed up by  Adrienna Black on piano at St Andrew's Church,
Caversham UK March 16 2013.

The recording is all TUBE-TECH, featuring the new MP2A on the violin
and 6 channels of PM1A modular microphone preamps on piano, stereo mic and audience mic's.
Converters are UA Apollo.


Download the Xuan Du session or the session audio files.

Session format Pro Tools 10 + 7 44,1Khz

All audio files are organized for import to other Daw's



Listen to this piece from the concert: Gerswin " It ain't necessarily so"

3 different mixes: Digital ( Pro Tools HDX), SSA2B, SSA2B + SMC2B.

These files are the uncompressed Wav 44,1 Khz mix files

so please be patient. Right click to download.


Mix SSA2B + SMC2B2


Mix digital Pro Tools HDX


SMC2B setting for Xuan Du mix.

Compression was very discrete around 1dB, less on the high band.

You can judge the result!



Read more about Xuan Du:






All TUBE-TECH recording of Nightingale String Quartet performing Rued Langaard


RUED LANGGAARD   String Quartets Vol. 1  Performed by Nightingale String Quartet  



The string quartets of Danish music's eccentric outsider Rued Langgaard (1893-1952) are passionate works of the composer's youth, representing both his nostalgically romantic side and his profoundly visionary modernity.


For the first time on CD, this recording series presents all 8 quartets in the award-winning young Nightingale String Quartet's distinctly dramatic interpretation

based on the revised Rued Langgaard Edition.


The recording studio for the NSQ session is the old Danish National Broadcast Cooperation Concert Hall, now part of the Royal Danish Music Academy of Music.


The NSQ recordings and mixes are engineered by Simon Brinckmann

and produced by Tim Frederiksen.



The CD is released on  Da Capo Records


Check the reviews.




The New Nightingale String Quartet Video

During the recording sessions for the Rued Langgaard project NSQ found time

to do another exiting project; The soundtrack recording for a new video.


A fullblown dramatic classical music video.

The NSQ video is very unusual in the world of classical music.

NSQ felt it was time to change the tradition of only pop and rock artists supporting their music with a full video production, and went great lengths to produce this video,

featuring Dmitri Shostakovich String Quartet No. 3 in F major, Op. 73, IV Adagio "In Memory of the Dead"


TUBE-TECH has supplied microphone preamps for all of the NSQ recordings and also supplied the mixing gear for the mix of the video soundtrack.


You can download different versions of the video soundtrack from the infobox on the left.




Classical Violin Concert Recording featuring 2 PM1A's for Simple AB Recording

Classical Violin player Inkeri Vänskä Debut Concert 2010.

All TUBE-TECH recording.


Inkeri Vänskä (b. 1983) was born in a Finnish family residing in Japan and took her first violin lesson there at the age of four. Her family moved to Finland in 1989 where she continued her studies at the Lahti Conservatorium and the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. Inkeri Vänskä moved to Copenhagen in 2004 and studied with prof. S. Azizian. She has attended masterclasses with P. Vernikov and G. Schulz, among others. She has led the second violins of Orkester Norden, and of the academy orchestras in Finland and Denmark. Inkeri Vänskä was the concert master for the joint project of the Aalborg Symphony Orchestra and the Royal Danish Academy of Music in 2005.

She has assisted on a regular basis in the Copenhagen Philharmonic and the Danish Radio Sinfonietta.


Theese two recordings are from Inkeri's debut concert in 2010, featuring CphPhil Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Osmo Vänskäs and Piano player Anne-Marie Lipsonen.


The concert was recorded By Mark Ford using only TUBE-TECH Microphone preamps.

The waw audio files are the signal from the main AB microphone setup,

a pair of DPA 4006 microphones run straight into two TUBE-TECH PM1A preamps,

feeding a couple of DAD converters. Nothing else. No processing!


Listen to the warm musical sound of theese recordings but also to the beautiful detailed and transparent soundscape.




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