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RM2/PM1A/CM1A Award 2012

RM Series in general


The RM series is the TUBE-TECH solution for the modern studio setup.

The RM series is a great solution for a compact, very high quality system for the modern studio or recording truck where space is an issue, but very high sound quality is imperative.


All TUBE-TECH RM modules are built to the exact same, very high standards and with same components as our 19" units.
Absolutely no corners have been cut in the design of the RM Series, and one thing only has been scaled down: The physical size!

The RM Series features three modules: The PM 1A Microphone Preamplifier/DI, the EM 1A Program Equalizer and the CM 1A Opto Tube Compressor. To accommodate the modules, there’s a choice of two racks: The RM 8 (8 modules) and the RM 2 (2 modules).




When looking at modular processors, there is always a danger that quality has suffered due to the limited size and price considerations. This is NOT the case with the TUBE-TECH RM series.

As an example, the RM series differs from the 500 systems in that the PSU directly provides all the high voltages needed to operate tubes properly and no noise is introduced by the compact construction.

TUBE-TECH''s solution is expensive, but if you want tube designs to sound right, it''s necessary to deliver more power for the tube modules, than the 500 rack is capable of. It''s furthermore necessary to use the quality of the 19" rack units directly in the modular gear. Especially the transformers can not be down scaled versions.We have cut absolutely no corners in designing the RM Series!




TUBE-TECH RM Series: No compromise modular sound.                          


Check this Video from the recording of the song

" You Were Never Mine" , featuring a soundtrack

soloing in on individual tracks.



Basic tracks recording were done at REALFARM Studio, DK.

Artist: Hawk


Please download the uncompressed video!

the You Tube compressor does NOT do any good

to the very full quality of these unprocessed tracks:

Uncompressed Video TUBE-TECH RM Recording


Links to other RM recording projects:

The Living Room Recording Project

Trio Klezmer




TUBE-TECH RM Series - User statements


Richard Rainey Producer/Engineer,Metropolis Studios, London UK

( U2, Mansun, Grand Avenue, Mando Diao and The Aliens )


" I love this new Rack System. The compact nature is a great way of working. The sound is unbeatable.

The tracks needed very little or no treatment at all in the mix. Especially the guitar tracks was very easy to fit into the mix. The RM modules really make a difference."

Read more and see the YouTube videos with Richard


John O'Mahony Producer/Engineer, Electric Lady NY
(Coldplay, Metric, Alberta Cross)

"I''m blown away by the CM1A compressor, its response is amazing, I never thought a Tube compressor could react like this!" 

Read more and listen to John OMahony samples



Gabriel Roth Producer/Engineer, Daptone Studio Brooklyn NY
( Amy Winehouse, Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings, The Budos Band, Naomi Shelton)

"I've recorded the best sounding vocals ever with the RM modules. 
I have never heard a compressor sounding better than the CM1A on vocals." 

Read more and see the videos from DAPTONE STUDIO



Al Unsworth, Engineer/Mixer (Pete Waterman, Farryl Smith, Fron Choir)

"Great sounding valve mic pre and compressor in a compact unit which I can take to all my sessions - wherever they are" 



Alex Theisen Owner and Chief engineer ULTRATON Studio; Germany
(Sportfreunde Stiller, Liquido, Blackmail)

"The RM system is not just another modular channel strip solution,

this thing is a MONSTER!" 


Michael Nass, Helmut Krumminga, (BAP) Germany

"Being fans of the CL1B , we finally have the new Tube-Tech RM8 rack with MicAmps, EQ's and Comps

for a recording session in Maarwegstudio 2. We tested it and absolutely loved it!

The finest preamps ...

creamy EQ's and compressors that can really rock - always nice analog and fat -

and all in the smallest space!

Keyboards are nice and thick, guitars get silky highs ... It just rocks!!!!......Thanks, and please keep it up!"




RM System User Videos

John Garrison, UK Singer/songwriter, session musician, bass player for James Blunt:

How the RM series affected Johns work in his home studio.


Soren Balsner, Danish Top Band CARPARK NORTH:

Special use of PM1A Mic Pre for Mixing


Vagn Luv, Danish Top Producer:

Interesting setup of CM1A compressor for keyboards

Using the CM1A for Hip Hop and Urban Drumsamples


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