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SSA2B Special Projects

The Living Room Recording Project


We recorded a trio in a living

room, using six top quality

mics and TUBE-TECH only

equipment, featuring the

SSA2B for summing.

Everything was recorded

direct to to 1/4" tape.


Chek the sound of this project!

Selected SSA2B users

SSA2B Downloads




Brochure PDF


Hi res Pics:





SSA2B Unused mono inputs




Unused mono inputs must be switched to stereo or terminated.


Read the FAQ section at the bottom of this page!



SSA 2B Stereo summing amplifier

Summing Amp SSA2B Description

TUBE-TECH SSA2B sums your mixes Wide, Punchy and Transparent, with Rock Solid Low End!


The TUBE-TECH SSA 2B Stereo Summing Amplifier features two very low noise/low distortion summing amplifiers with a very wide frequency response.
It provides a high end, yet cost effective solution for analog summing, and the simple layout of the SSA 2B makes recall just as easy as when you work ITB.

The SSA 2B sums your mix cleaner, wider and punchier than anything, you've heard before. It makes it possible to perform your mixing at a level previously only achievable from summing with the best and most expensive consoles, and the low end response just doesn't get any better than this, SSA2B features the tightest low end on the planet.

Every user, we have been in contact with tells us about real low end improvement when using the SSA2B for summing!


For those of you that haven't yet experienced the difference between even the best ITB mix and the real thing:

Do yourself a favor and listen to the SSA2B


Featured  User interview: 



Interview with Jacob Hansen,owner of very successful 




Jacob Hansen is producing, engineering  and mixing tons of extremely

successful artists from all over the world.


"Bigger than Life" is a "Hansen" trademark.

Loads of heavy metal bands has been through the hands and ears of Jacob Hansen and lately numerous bands playing different styles have been blessed with Jacobs talent.


Jacob upgraded in July 2009 his mixing setup with the TUBE-TECH SSA2B summing amp.

( Changeover from another summing amp.)


Better resolution, stereo imaging and especially low end performance was the result of the changeover to SSA2B.


Statement from Jacob Hansen:


"The TUBE-TECH SSA2B finally makes it possible for me to have my mixes sounding the way I always dreamed about! This is a major positive update for me! I simply don't have any mixing problems anymore. I wish I could redo all my earlier mixes"


"Having worked with a different summing amp, and summing on a big vintage console, I didn''t think I''d hear much of a difference, if any, when I tested the Tube-Tech SSA2B summing amp.

But I was very wrong. My mixes sounded more tight and more together, as well as I got that smooth top-end and rock-solid low-end that I was always searching for!

Simply put, I could be creative with the mix instead of trying to solve frequency problems that would occur when summing on my other units, and on the console."


SSA2B Sound Samples

Compare the sound of an internal Pro Tools mix and the exact same mix summed with

TUBE-TECH SSA2B Summing Amp.          More samples will be uploaded soon.


Tracks : Examples :
Pop RockMast A
Pop Rock Mst B


Summing for Live Sound using SSA2B

James Towler, Front of House, Studio and Tour Manager for Steve Winwood, backstage at The Pearl in the Palms, Las Vegas with his Tube-Tech SSA2B used for summing his Venue System.


James decided to go from digital to analog summing, using the TUBE-TECH SSA2B.


Read more


SSA2B Video Controls and Features


Summing Amp SSA2B Video










SSA2B Selected User Statements

Post Production mix engineer Fabrice Chantome, France


Having heard the Tube-Tech SSA2B summing amp at a seminar earlier, mix engineer Fabrice Chantome decided he wanted to see if it would make any difference on this specific type of material compared to in-the-box mix.

Fabrice was to mix "Survivor", an extreme popular Reality Show from France. 

So, he sent 4 stereo stems (dialogue, music, FX and narration) through the SSA2B and recorded them back into Pro Tools using a standard 192 I/O for D/A conversion and an Antelope Audio Eclipse for A/D.

”The difference exceeded all my expectations; in fact it was so obvious that the artistic producer of the show immediately noticed, asking me, "What have you done to the sound? It sounds fuller, richer and sweeter to my ears..." Personally, I would add "wider, deeper and, most important, it brings the human voice in front of you, out of the speakers with greater accuracy and without any harshness". It sounds amazing and I really love what it does: Make the listening experience much more enjoyable!”



Listen to the difference: Download PT session


The session contains two versions of Fabrice's mix:

A: ITB Pro Tools. B: 4 Stereo stems summed through SSA2B. ( Dialogue,music,FX and narration.)

The audiofiles of the session are labeled and can easy be imported to other DAW's or just listened to on your computer.



All samples courtesy of Adventure Line Productions, a Zodiak media group company


Marty Stuart, Singer/Songwriter/ Nick Conley, Veteran Engineer USA


Nick Conley: 'It's getting harder for a lot of studios to justify spending thousands of dollars on a good analogue console, Even when I have access to one, I only use a portion of its capabilities.

But Marty and I both like tubes and transformers.

We need some iron in our diet, right?

So we asked the good folks at TransAudio Group ( TUBE-TECH US distributor )to send us a demo Tube-Tech SSA2B summing amp. I should have known it would be like bringing a puppy home for a demo.

There was no way we could send it back!


With the data compression and dynamics manipulation used today it is even more important to try to achieve as much separation as possible. With the new summing amp, the greater depth of field keeps things from wadding up in the centre, the way they otherwise do. The end result is greater clarity.'


Read more about Mick Conleys experience with TUBE-TECH SSA2B



Sean Genockey, Producer UK

Baddies, Tom McRae, Reuben, Manic Street Preachers, Suede


"Since using the SSA 2B I''ve been achieving results I only thought possible on a large format console. The sound is pristine, with top and bottom end that goes on forever and the imaging is wider than the Grand Canyon."




















Julio Reyes Copello, Grammy winner, Producer and Songwriter USA


Julio''s comment just after buying TUBE-TECH SSA2B + SMC2B:


"Guys, thank you very much!....I just want to say that it''s been the 
best investment I ''ve done in the last years. These two guys are The 
missing piece!. adiós to millions of frustrations.. the art of pure 
and happy sound it''s there!! wow!


Read more about Julio Copellos experience with the TUBE-TECH SSA2B






Ben Lemelin from the  ''Your Favorite Enemies'' 


"I'm very happy with my SSA2B ....it's so warm and make all our mixes sound so deep and powerful.
we are really really into all the products you're doing... and I feel that music nowadays really benefits from people like you who are still passionate about what they do.... not only selling units.....but giving life and warmth to music, and that's definitely what Tube tech are doing !"

SSA2B User Interview

Søren Balsner


Independent Producer/engineer +bassplayer in Succesfull

Danish Electro Rock Band: CARPARKNORTH:


"I tried the TUBE-TECH SSA2B Summing amp for the first time

about half a year ago and it wasa major experience. 

It''s never gonna leave my rack."



Summing Amp SSA2B Technical Features


  • 10 stereo inputs - 1 stereo output
  • Stereo inputs 1 and 2 can be switched as 4 mono inputs
  • Zero field transformer balanced inputs
  • Frequency response @ -3 dB: 5 Hz – 100 kHz
  • Low noise: < -85 dBU @ all inputs terminated
  • CMRR: > 60 dB @ 10 kHz
  • Distortion < 0,05 %
  • 23-step gold plated output gain control
  • Master output gain: -10 dB to +10 dB
  • Fully symmetrical circuitry from input to output
  • Maximum input < +30 dBU
  • Two large VU meters show output level
  • Gold plated switches
  • Outputs are transformer balanced and fully floating

SSA2B Technical Description

The SSA 2B consists of a summing amplifier at the input, a 23 stepped attenuator with a range of +/- 10 dB and an output stage.

The summing amplifier is a symmetrical two-stage amplifier, designed around two dual, low impedance, and high transconductance triodes. The input transformer is part of the dual feedback configured as a so-called zero field transformer.
The attenuator is a heavy gold plated 2x23 position switch.

The output stage is designed around two dual triodes in push-pull and an output transformer (with a static screen).
Both the summing amplifiers and the output amplifiers are symmetrical.


Two large VU-meters show the levels on the XLR output sockets. To avoid the distortion introduced by the VU-meters when connected directly to the output XLR sockets, symmetrical configured OP- amps buffer the VU-meters.


SSA2B Summing principle:

All inputs are balanced by two zero field transformers (one for each channel).

How does a zero field transformer work?

In the zero field transformer configuration, the transformer is part of the feedback circuit.
There are several benefits for this:

1. The voltage across the transformer is reduced substantially whereby a much smaller transformer is needed for the same specification. The reduction is of the same magnitude as the feedback applied.


2. The distortion at low frequencies is reduced substantially.


3. Frequency response in both the low and high range is extended.


4. Phase response in both the low and high range, is also reduced


FAQ: Summing Amp SSA2B unused mono inputs



If the SSA2B mono inputs are left open, the L R channel separation is less than specified. ( Narrow stereo image.)


It is important that the mono inputs are either:


  • A:Switched to stereo
  • B:Connected to outputs (even if not used)
  • C:Terminated by shorting plugs


Shortening plug, XLR connector:

Pin 2 and 3 electrically connected.   ( Signal wires shortened )
You can make it by using a male XLR connector and soldering a small piece of wire between pin 2 and 3 inside the plug.


Connecting unbalanced sources to SSA2B:

There is  no problem with connecting an unbalanced source.
If it is a mono jack the tip on the jack shall be on pin 2 of the XLR and the sleeve to pin 3 of the XLR.
If hum appears, connect pin 3 of the XLR to pin 1 of the XLR.



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