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The Living Room Recording Project

The Living Room Project turns into a big investment in TUBE-TECH Gear!

In 2014 Esben Just decided to invest in a setup that would give him the possibility to 

record at home in very high quality, and this had to be TUBE-TECH based on Espen's

experiences from the earlier recordings.


Here's some video's from the recording and info on Espen Just and his latest activities:


Esben Just is widely recognized as Denmark’s finest interpreter of that certain brand 

of American swamp-rock, defined by Dr. John The Night Tripper and the like.

With his tight and groovy trio ”SP, Just & Frost”, he has thrilled fans for many years,

and now as a solo artist, he has a new album out, entitled ”Just A Closer Walk”

released on his own Label: MASTERTRACKS.

What’s special about the new album – apart from the wonderful music –

is the fact that it was recorded live in Esben’s living room,

where he has set up his home studio.

On most of his earlier recordings, Esben has relied on TUBE-TECH gear extensively,

and calling him a fan would not be an exaggeration. So it would come as no surprise

that this is what he chose for his home setup also – to be precise, 2 RM 8 racks,

one with 8 PM 1 A preamps and the other with 4 EM1A and 4 CM1A  –  and then a Steinway grand piano, of course. In other words: the bare necessities, but of superb quality.



We met Esben in his home studio during the recording of his latest album...


Read more and check the Esben Just interview.



Esben records the oupput of his TUBE-TECH RM modules through the line inputs

of an Apollo 8 interface to Pro Tools, but he also has a Studer B62 1/4" recorder in the room for direct two track recordings.



The Living Room Project: TUBE-TECH Setting up a simple High Quality Recording

This was how it started:

Purist TUBE-TECH ANALOG "Old School"recording project:


Danish Band: Skipper Just Frost

Setup: TUBE-TECH Modular System RM8

Tube summing Amp SSA2B

6 top quality microphones:

2 DPA 4015: Grand piano

2 Telefunken M49: Drums

2 Telefunken M269: Vocal + bass


TUBE-TECH RM8 Modules:

7 PM1A mic pre's, 4 EM1Aprogram eq's  

CM1A Opto Tube compressors.

Mix: TUBE-TECH SSA2B Summing amp

Recorder: Studer A 810 1/4" Tape recorder


Sound samples:

Exactly Like You
Didn't He Ramble

Jazz Ballad

Right click for download.

Please be patient. It''s  44,1 KHz waw files. Heavy!


Full resolution Video:

Download or watch this video in full resolution, with

soundtrack not destroyed by You Tube compression:

Your Cheating Heart Video.


Production setup:

Bass, Drums and Piano: No eq just PM1A preamps

Vocal PM1A Mic pre, EM1A eq ( small boost at 10KHz ) 

+medium compression from CM1A

All 6 input channels mixed through SSA2B.

Mix bus processed with 2 EM1A's ( small 10 KHz boost )

+ medium compression from CM1A.

Mix recorded to the Studer a 810.

Digital copies recorded on a HHB CD Recorder and transferred from the CD.


This project was dedicated to: "Getting Sound quality Back to where it belongs"

We wanted to prove to you, how good a simple all analog recording can sound, and here it is!




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