CL 1B Native Plug-in
The CL1B NATIVE version for VST, AU and RTAS platforms is provided by Softube. Taking the CL1B plugin project one major step further, we decided in early spring 2009 to release VST/AU/RTAS versions, and once again placed the developing task in the hands of Softube in Sweden.

We are very impressed by the skills of these young guys from Sweden and we feel excited that the quality of the CL 1B is now available for these platforms.

One of the world’s most musical and versatile compressors is now available for all DAW users in the digital domaine.

Distribution details: Softtube Distribution

Check this video from Softube about the making of the plugin:

Learn more at Softube


CL1B plugin tutorial:


The TUBE-TECH CL1B is also available for the UA platform:

Learn More at Universal Audio

The SOFTUBE plug ins are truly fantastic, BUT always remember, nothing beats the hardware!!


Tube-Tech CL1B plug-in for TDM and Powercore

First TUBE-TECH plug-in released Autumn 2007 by TC Electronic. After years of consideration, we decided that the time was right to introduce a plug-in of one of our TUBE-TECH units.

The development of the new plug-in was initialized in November 2006, as a collaboration between Lydkraft, Softube and TC Electronic, with Softube doing the programming and TC handling sale and support as well. Since spring 2007, when the first software-version underwent a series of meticulous real-world tests, we spent the summer on final refinement of the plug-in, enabling us to proudly introduce a TUBE-TECH CL1B plug-in for TC PowerCore and later ProTools TDM.

Note! The Powercore version is no longer supported from TC.

For further information, sale and distribution of the Pro Tools version