PUREMIX Seminar Featuring TUBE-TECH

At the 2012 Audio Days event in Paris TUBE-TECH was part of two cool seminars run by Fab Dupont.

The artist to be recorded and mixed was the fantastic Will Knox, singing and playing guitar in an acoustic trio. Vocal, acc guitar, cello and drums were the sources for the recording and mixing seminar.

These are the trailers for the two seminars. (In French but the main videos are now available in English.)

The full videos from the seminars are not available for free but the PUREMIX team has been so kind to give us access by using this link: Free access to the Audio Days seminars for TUBE-TECH enthusiasts
Use this coupon: TTmga6k3

The link will take you directly to PUREMIX and allow you to sign up and watch the videos for free. The videos are now subtitled in French, English, Spanish and Italian. Full session is also downloadable.


PUREMIX is a great educational site, featuring tons of online tutorial videos. Here you can learn a lot about working with audio and music.

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