The RM2 is a 2 slot frame and internal power supply designed to support any two of the TUBE-TECH miniature “RM Series” modules such as the CM1A tube compressor, EM1A tube EQ and PM1A tube Mic Pre. The new 2 slot RM2 joins the RM8 8 slot rack for the line of Tube Tech “RM” Series miniature all tube based modules.

The RM2 provides the engineer with a very small, affordable, field configurable 2 channel option to achieve TUBE-TECH performance on tracks, mix buss or a live sound application. The user can easily slide a module in or out, changing the RM2 from Compressor to Mic Pre to EQ. The user can also arrange the RM2 in mono as a channel strip with a mic pre and compressor, or a mic pre and EQ.

The TUBE-TECH RM system differs from other module-based systems in that it provides all the very high voltages needed to operate tubes properly with no compromises at all.

The RM 2 TUBE BOX contains the power supply with all voltages (+270V, +48V, +15V, -15V and +12V) necessary for the modules to work. All voltages are stabilized. The frame is made of electroplated steel sheet to make it rugged and sturdy.


Technical Specifications

  • Holds 2 modules of any selection and combination
  • Internal power supply
  • XLR in/out
  • Sturdy electroplated steel frame


RM Series Downloads

Manual RM2
Manual RM8
Manual PM1A
Manual EM1A
Manual CM1A

Tech Spec Sheets:
Specs PM1A
Specs EM 1A
Specs CM 1A

RM System

Recall Sheets:
Recall Sheet PM1A
Recall Sheet EM1A
Recall Sheet CM1A

Hi-res Images:
RM8 Perspective
RM8 Front
RM8 Rear
RM2 Perspective 1
RM2 Perspective 2
RM2 Perspektive 3
RM2 w.2CM1A Perspective
RM2 w.Micpres
RM2 Front
RM2 w.2CM1A Front
RM2 Back
RM2 at Console
PM1A Front
EM1A Front
CMA1 Front
PM1A Side
EM1A Side
CM1A Side