Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club Installs SMC 2B

Ronnie Scotts, World famous London Jazz Club has installed a SMC2B for their live sound system.

All the beauty of the SMC 2B performance transfers very well to Live Sound. The ability to control the overall tonal balance of a mix in an extremely musical way is a trademark of SMC2B, and when the SPL raises, the action gets even better.

If you are using a sterile digital console the SMC 2B ads some nice analog substance to your mix.  The ability of the SMC2B to make all acoustical music sparkle is obvious when mixing live with SMC2B.

Want more control of your PA system power? The SMC2B creates some nice energy in a pleasant musical way and makes your mixes sound louder without going into extreme SPL and without overloading your PA system.

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