The Classic Channel Combination

The TUBE-TECH Classic Channel – A Power combination!

PE 1C Program Equalizer
ME 1B Midrange Equalizer
CL 1B Opto Compressor

These three Classic TUBE-TECH units in combination give you a very powerfull tool for tailoring sound both when recording and mixing.



Male Vocal Soft (no processing):

Male Vocal Soft (Tube-Tech Classic Channel):


Rock Guitar (no processing):

Rock Guitar (Tube-Tech Classic Channel):


Twang Gtr (no processing):

Twang Gtr (Tube-Tech Classic Channel):


Jazz Guitar (no processing):

Jazz Guitar (Tube-Tech Classic Channel):


Acoustic Guitar (no processing):

Acoustic Guitar (Tube-Tech Classic Channel):


Upright Bass (no processing):

Upright Bass (Tube-Tech Classic Channel):


Touch Guitar (no processing):

Touch Guitar (Tube-Tech Classic Channel):


Basic Track (no processing):

Basic Track (Tube-Tech Classic Channel):


Rock Drums (no processing):

Rock Drums (Tube-Tech Classic Channel):


VO Female (no processing):

VO Female (Tube-Tech Classic Channel):



You can also buy the Classic Channel as a plug-in. Get a good taste of what the classic channel is all about, check out The Classic Channel Plug-in by Softube.

Due to the the skills of the Softube guys this plug in gives you an extremely good feeling of what the real thing does. Softube also makes seperate plug-ins of the classic units: TUBE-TECH PE1C, ME1B and CL1B.

The Softube TUBE-TECH plugs gives a very fine reproduction the hardware unit and in the plug-in world they represent the best quality possible today. But remember: Nothing beats the classics! If you aim absolute top sound quality, it has to be analogue TUBE-THCH.

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