The Five Axioms:

  • We shall only allow tubes to be used in the audio path
  • We shall optimise the performance of each tube
  • We shall aim for simplicity in circuitry and controls
  • We shall use transformers for all inputs and outputs
  • We shall design everything to last!


A Statement from the designer:

“Simply put, tubes sound pleasant to the ear. They treat signals with respect. But perhaps more profoundly they place serious constraints on how much circuitry you can build into a unit.

With solid-state design, an engineer is free to ad circuitry with very little penalty, which can start you down the road of “fixing” perceived faults in the design with even more circuitry.

Unfortunately, the end result is usually something that sounds worse than if the original circuit had been improved from the start. As a result, I have to design very simple circuits. There’s no “patch” I can use to fix a circuit’s faults. It has to stand by itself.”

John Petersen, Mix Magazine, 2012


TUBE-TECH Mission Statement:

“It is our mission to ensure the engineer has confidence in his working tools and feels comfortable working with them. To achieve this, it is our job to bring out the very best in the tubes, as well as continuously strive to offer the professional audio engineer outboard equipment of sublime quality – both in terms of sound and reliability.”