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A brand New TUBE-TECH EQ:



A New, Different and Inspiring EQ, combining

Hi / Lo shelving and

T- Filter!

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Universal Audio/Softube CL1B Plug-in !!!!   Read more.

Kanye West performs 

only with CLB

TUBE-TECH CL1B is always

in action when Kanye West is


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Al Schmitt prefers Blue



Al Schmitt depends on the


all his mixes!

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  • Listen to TUBE-TECH on your own DAW. Download sessions, recordings, mix and mastering.
  • There's a reason why some of the best sounding classical recordings is made with tube amplifiers. Check out TUBE-TECH for Classical
  • Hardware power
    TUBE-TECH Classic Channel PE1C, ME1B and CL1B. Three classic units combined. Listen to the power of this classic combination
  • Legendary action! The SMC2B glues the mix together in a magic way. A powerfull tool on the road if you want your live mix to stand out from the rest.
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TUBE-TECH a Classic Brand


Electronics designer John G. Petersen shipped the first PE1A program EQ's in June 1985.


John was inspired by the principles behind fine classic tube-based processors, such as Pultec and Teletronic.  Since then, and throughout the intervening years, John has created a wide range of TUBE-TECH units, now considered classics in their own right.

TUBE-TECH gear has played, and continues to play, a very important role in thousands of recordings worldwide.  So many well-known global hits have been either been recorded with, and/or performed on, TUBE-TECH units that we have literally lost count.


Read the TUBE-TECH history 


TUBE-TECH represents the pinnacle of audio production and musical sound shaping. The “Blue Gear” continues its decades-long leadership, impervious to trends, technology, and competition.





Gear for Life

  • Ultimate vacuum tube processors for recording studios
  • Pure tube based audio path and simple, no nonsense circuit design
  • Only the highest quality components are used
  • Not complicated to use and never sounds bad.
  • Always easy to hear the action, solo and in your mix.  
  • TUBE-TECH clearly improves sound quality of your source material







"Simply put, tubes sound pleasant to the ear. They treat signals with respect.
But perhaps more profoundly they place serious constraints on how much circuitry you can build into a unit.
With solid-state design, an engineer is free to ad circuitry with very little penalty, which can start you down the road of "fixing" percieved faults in the design with even more circuitry.
Unfortunately, the end result is usualy something that sounds worse than if the original circuit had been improved from the start.
As a result, I have to design very simple circuits.
There's no "patch" I can use to fix a circuit's faults. It has to stand by itself."  
John Petersen 2012, Mix Magazine




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