SMC 2B on Tour with Carpark North

Danish Electro Rock band, Carpark North has been using The TUBE-TECH Multiband Compressor SMC 2B for all their live gigs through summer 2011.

This tour consisted of both the biggest outdoor festival gigs and club venues. The SMC 2B was inserted on the master mix bus of the various consoles used.

Live sound Engineer Anders Norgaard:

“The SMC2B improved sound in many ways, always adding more substance and musicality to the mix.

One special thing was that on smaller venues or when the power capacity of the PA system was insufficient, using the SMC2B to control the power in especially the low frequency band really helped me produce the very powerful sound of CARPARK NORTH without getting into overloading the power amps.

This way the show sounded loud but it was more pleasant to the ears! In general: Legendary performance from TUBE-TECH SMC2B on CARPARK NORTH 2011 Tour”

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