Taking The Mix of X-FACTOR to Another Level

For Master Compression and Vocal Compression, TUBE-TECH Makes a big Difference in an all Digital Production Environment.

Chief Engineer Ossian Ryner decided to use the TUBE-TECH multiband compressor SMC 2B as the main mix compressor, as well as the TUBE-TECH classic compressor CL 1B on the lead vocals for the Danish version of the Worldwide Talent Show: X-Factor.

The show was mixed on an SSL C200 digital console, with sweet analogue help from the Tube-Techs.

“The SMC2B has improved the overall sound of the production by a rather big percentage,” says Ossian Ryner. Production of the show took place at DR Byen in Copenhagen, an all new all digital National TV and Radio production unit.

Ossian Ryner shares some tips on how to use the SMC 2B multiband compressor on the master bus:

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