Making Softsynths Sound Analog w/ Tube-Tech

Tip provided by Philip Dirix fromStudio Belvedere, Belgium.

“I produce most of the recent popular dance tracks, and I do a lot of vocal recordings for other dance producers. I use The MP 1A, 2 x CL 1B and 2 x PE 1C. This is my perfect stereo channel.

At this time, I have sold all of my analog synth and keyboards. Today I only use software synths. Now, the trick is, that most of the time I run all my synths through my TUBE-TECH channel. And then I record them. This works better for me than all the analog synths, and I have perfect control of the sound.

With my TUBE-TECH setup I recorded artists artist like: Shaggy, Kate ryan, Samantha Cole, Anita Dot (2 unlimited) , Jessie (Mc Kenzy) , Shamrock (T-Spoon), etc.

I”m also using the TUBE-TECH channel for mastering my tracks. I‘ve been in LOVE with TUBE-TECH for many years now.”

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